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Duct temperature sensor


look: Update time:2018-06-21

The air duct temperature sensor is suitable for air conditioning and ventilation systems. It is used for single-point temperature measurement in the air duct. The thin film platinum resistance (PT100, PT1000 or NTC) produced by our company is used as the sensing element, which can measure Exhaust air, return air, fresh air, supply air and other air temperatures. Resistance output or 4-20MA output, IP65 protection level. There are a variety of probe lengths and housings to choose from.
This series of products can be fully compatible with BAS manufacturers: HONEYWELL, DISTECH CONTROLS, TRANE, AUTOMATED LOGIC, T.A.C / CSI, SOLIDYNE, ALERTON, TREND.
※ NTC-10K-1 / 2, NTC-20K, PT100, PT1000 series index table, please download online or contact the engineer.

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