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IOT Intelligent Sensor
Relevant overview

IOT (IOT is internet of thing for short) Intelligent Sensor. USTSensors specializes in the field of intelligent automotive electronics. It continues to develop in the direction of embedded artificial intelligence-based ADAS and autonomous driving products, and has launched a core module that meets the needs of the smart car front-loading market: In-car ADAS system driver fatigue driving Sensor EYESensor-100.

Scope of application

The car-level image sensing is to capture and confirm the driver's unattended driving caused by fatigue or left-handedness by capturing the infrared image of the person through a high-speed digital signal processor.

Use of the environment

Using advanced non-contact mode and cutting-edge algorithms, the driver's fatigue status can be correctly detected under any circumstances (including day, night, driver's glasses or sunglasses), and a precise alarm is issued to alert the driver to ensure The safety of the driver's life and property.

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