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Intelligent Sensor
Relevant overview

USTSensors specializes in the field of intelligent automotive electronics. It continues to develop in the direction of embedded artificial intelligence-based ADAS and autonomous driving products, and has launched a core module that meets the needs of the smart car front-loading market: In-car ADAS system driver fatigue driving Sensor EYESensor-100.

Scope of application

The car-level image sensing is to capture and confirm the driver's unattended driving caused by fatigue or left-handedness by capturing the infrared image of the person through a high-speed digital signal processor.

Use of the environment

Using advanced non-contact mode and cutting-edge algorithms, the driver's fatigue status can be correctly detected under any circumstances (including day, night, driver's glasses or sunglasses), and a precise alarm is issued to alert the driver to ensure The safety of the driver's life and property.

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