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Auto Air Quality Sensor
Relevant overview

Air quality prediction based on the successful application of the patented Mic-Nose technology, in addition to CO 2, AQD equipment can integrate a complete air duct sensor into the DCV system. This equipment contains control panels, finished connectors and sensors, which can be removed and Reacts a wide range of volatile organic compounds and other harmful gases in the surrounding air. The sensor is mounted on a standard T O - 9 9 package head with a protective diffusion film.

· Complete equipment for air duct sensor integration
· Based on the patented technology of M i c - N o s e
· Easy installation

Scope of application

Substances used for detection: alcohol, aldehydes, aliphatic hydrocarbons, amines, aromatic hydrocarbons, C O, C H 4, L P G, ketones, organic acids

Use of the environment

This product is used to intelligently predict car air quality.

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