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Duct carbon dioxide sensor


Relevant overview

product description:
Germany USTSENSOR has more than 20 years of sensor experience, using advanced manufacturing technology to produce transmitters; B (CO2 / C) carbon dioxide transmitter uses NDIR infrared absorption technology, integrated design of sensing and transmission.
Instructions for use:
1. Check carefully to ensure that the wiring is correct, connect DC 24V, and output the corresponding current value when measuring with a multimeter.
2. If you want to disassemble the transmitter, you must first disconnect the power supply and then disassemble it.

Scope of application

◆ Commercial building control ◆ Air conditioning management ◆ Room
◆ Intelligent housing ◆ Office building ◆ School
◆ Meeting room ◆ Shopping mall ◆ Hotel
◆ Hotel lobby ◆ Gymnasium ◆ Cinema
◆ Airport ◆ Station ◆ Cinema
◆ Shopping mall ◆ Internet cafe ◆ KTV
◆ Environmental monitoring of factory work ◆ Brewing, food processing
◆ Greenhouse agricultural greenhouse ◆ Underground parking lot ◆ Submarine
Transportation and storage:
1. The transmitter should avoid vibration as much as possible and handle it lightly.
2. Long-term storage conditions:
Power off state: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃; 20% RH ~ 80% RH.
1. Please read this manual carefully before use to ensure correct wiring. Any wrong wiring may cause irreversible damage to the transmitter.
2. Avoid installation in areas that are easy to transfer heat and directly cause a temperature difference with the area to be measured, otherwise it will cause inaccurate measurement.
3. Install in an environment-stable area, avoid direct sunlight, stay away from windows and air-conditioning, heating and other equipment, and avoid directly facing windows and doorways.
4. The installation height is the sitting height of the human body or the height of the equipment that mainly requires environmental conditions.
5. Prevent chemical agents, oil, dust, etc. from directly invading the sensor. Do not use it for a long time under frost and extreme temperature environments.
6. If you need to detect other gases, such as CO, H2, CH4, NH3, H2S, etc.
Please contact us separately.

Use of the environment

Use environment:
It is suitable for the measurement of carbon dioxide concentration in the air environment. The transmitter has the characteristics of high accuracy, automatic correction, low drift, waterproof gas, stable performance and so on.

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