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H2 Leak Sensor - Prufer-H2
Relevant overview

The gas leak detector Prufer-H2 uses the unique Mic-NoseTM technology, which is designed for continuous detection of gases designed for workers in hazardous environments. When the gas concentration exceeds a preset limit value, it gives the gas concentration detected in real time and gives an alarm. Before the factory, the alarm limit has been set to the default value, and the sensor is pre-calibrated with the standard concentration gas.

Fast response (<1 second), suitable for leak detection; single sensor, multiple gas detection; rechargeable lithium battery; easy to operate, easy to calibrate; up to 10 hours of continuous operation; sound and high brightness LED flashing alarm;

Scope of application

Gas leakage; offshore offshore oil wells; refinery and petrochemical plants; power plants; coal mines; organic waste recycling; printing and painting workshops; automobile manufacturing, maintenance;

Use of the environment

It can measure methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur hexafluoride, carbon dioxide, freon.

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